V8 Supercar Office Chair

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Calling all V8 Supercar and Ford Motorsport fans. Check out this V8 Power striped office chair. Exclusively designed for the Aussie rev head.

Ergonomically designed for comfort, posture and durability with a well balanced metal chassis.

All our office chairs are made from high quality PU leather and are designed for long term use.

The bases of our chairs are made from quality polished metal, NOT NYLON like most low quality office chairs on the market.

With a stage 4 gas lift, you won't feel a thing flying around the office.

So if you want a high quality chair that will last you more than a few laps, don't bother looking anywhere else!


Ergonomically designed for comfort, posture and durability

High quality PU leather - Designed for long term use

Hand stitched with embroidery

Metal base chassis

Adjustable armrest

90 degree recliner

Stage 4 gas lift

High resilient foam padding