Champion Racer Concept Desk

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When you associate with a Cilek product, you know that you have something amazing. And amazing is what it is with this ultra- modern sophisticated study desk. The Cilek Champion Racer Concept Desk offers an vicinity of imagination, complete motivation and devotion. It allows you to be in control of your work and surroundings. The Cilek Champion Racer Concept Desk offers new innovative components:

A realistic looking graphical display panel allowing the mind to wonder and think clearly with its natural surround art.

A full width speedometer console making the experience that much more real

Dual desk top sunken compartments for your study accessories

A smart and auto themed rear view mirror connected to an +overhead LED light.

A spacious segmented pull out draw

Side storage netting allowing you to free up space from your desk

A side tower comprising three spacious storage drawers

Made from ABS Thermoplastic and solid wood, this concept desk leaves nothing much more for motivating your child to study. With its sleek and stylish design the Cilek Champion Racer Concept Desk is a sure leader in every educational aspect.

The Cilek Champion Racer Concept Desk stands at a height of 196.5cm, 117.3cm wide with a depth of 70.7cm, allowing you to utilise this desk to its full extent yet be versatile and compact!

Suitable for toddlers to race inspired grand parents.


Height - 196.5cm

Depth - 70.7cm

Width - 117.3cm